FALL PLANTING DIY - Top 10 Veggies to Plant This Fall

YES!  You heard me right!  It is time to get planting.  
"ThatGarden Guy", Lee Ganim of Ganim's Garden Center in Fairfield, CT  says, "Plant now what you planted in April."  Easy.  "Everybody can do this."
That's what Mel Bartholomew, the Founder of Square Foot Gardening has said for over 40 years!  
Read Mel's Fall Planting thoughts here.
Hard to believe?  Try it - you'll not just like it, you'll love your cool weather veggies - and they'll love you back and help you to "boost your health from a box" even late in the growing season.  Dark leafy greens and root veggies are our stars here!

My Top 10 Vegetables for Fall Planting:

1.    Garlic is usually planted in the fall, and harvested the following summer. Wait until temperatures have cooled, usually mid-November before a hard frost in the Northeast, before you get it in the ground.

2.    Radishes are a quick growing root crop with simple heart shaped leaves. Colorful and healthful - red, purple, pink, white, even black - round, or long and skinny like the Daikon radish - raw for munching or cooked in Miso Soup or stir fry!  The leaves of the radish plant actually contain more Vitamin C, protein and calcium than their roots. They have been used to treat kidney and skin disorders, fight cancer.
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Came across this again, recently and just wanted to share.
We are the cultivators of our life. 
What we plant is what we grow. 
How we tend our garden is how we tend our life. 
How we do one thing is how we do everything.



1. Peace of mind

2. Peace of heart

3. Peace of soul
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St. Patty's Day Stew


Previously Posted on March 17, 2012

Traditionally - many folks look for the Corned Beef & Cabbage Dinner on St. Patrick's Day...okay, well - we like to enjoy a hearty Lamb Stew!  We eat much less meat now than we ever have - both improving our health and the health of the planet.  We feel better.  We aren't on OTC meds, or prescriptions and we're pretty healthy and happy.  We know where our meat comes from Read More


Super Bowl Sunday for a Super You!


Just sitting here thinking how far we've come in just a few years! 

The Super Bowl 50 is on! - I'm personally only in it for the American tribute opening song, our National Anthem being sung today by the amazing Lady Gaga and the halftime show...I'm just not much of a sports fan, much less a football fan. But, I do love how this event and the day brings people and families together - and with that comes a food focus for sure!

So, our family was where we've all pretty much been. For Super Bowl Sunday - wings and nachos, pizza and chili and dip and chips and plenty of it, and more - on going, long and late. I remember running to the big box store and not understanding or even having any realization of what the "food" was that we were buying. Now we know we have choices, educated choices and that means that we choose to Dunk the Junk, and go non-GMO, for starters. This blog post is to inspire the small steps which will build lasting and true new habits of health and happiness!

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Drink in the Warmth


We've been a bit in a chill spot lately with our frigid temps and that is reminding me of how we might tend to spend more time indoors seeking warmth.  Of snow days when the kids are home and we do nothing but dole the food out from the kitchen.  So, in the spirit of sharing and making better choices and of feeling empowered, no matter who is home - even if it is just you, a partner or spouse or a houseful.  We have choices.Read More


Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme

parsley sgae rosemary thyme bundleThanksgiving time is in the air and with that comes time to get out to the garden to pick some of our favorite hearty and beloved herbs.  It is my hope that Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme come into your home through your kitchen door, fresh from your garden.  Or, at least as close as you can source locally.  

Herbs seem to be the first time gardeners easy button.  You can grow them in pots and containers of any shape and size along with seasonal flowers and other goodies.  And of course, you can grow them in your Square Foot Garden.  Besides flavor, health benefits abound!
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Oh, My - It's Pumpkin Pie!

It's the perfect time of the year when we can bring the pumpkins that have been decorating our doorstep and stonewall into the kitchen! Simply bake, puree and freeze or use right away in this delicious, better for you pumpkin pie recipe.

This is a fine one that brings the whole pumpkin to the table.
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If You're Cooking, Cast Iron Is Your Friend.


Cookware through the years has seen many changes…yet, it seems to me that the best has been around a long time.  What we cook our food in matters.  We seek alternatives to toxic non-stick cookware and alternatives to aluminum.  Stainless steel, which seems to be the healthiest alternative is expensive, and it doesn’t lend itself well to cooking eggs, pancakes and other dishes that non-stick cookware typically excels at.
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Boost Your Health with Bone Broth


Cooking with bones?  It seems almost a lost art.  Or rather, a natural go to forgotten.  We used to be a thrifty people with the mindset of using everything...especially, every part of the animal that we had just hunted and taken down for survival, lovingly grown on the farm or caught by hook from our waters.  We used to reap the health benefits from all parts, letting nothing go to waste, and came from a place of connection and thanks.
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Dunk the Junk: Watch Out Sugar Season & Sickness Could Be Headed Your Way


Here we go!

Yes, we are back to school and getting in the groove.  But, exactly what is the groove?

Whether we are children, young adults, newlyweds, first time parents, youngsters, oldsters - or just  - us - watch out.  Here IT comes.
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