Super Bowl Sunday for a Super You!


Just sitting here thinking how far we've come in just a few years! 

The Super Bowl 50 is on! - I'm personally only in it for the American tribute opening song, our National Anthem being sung today by the amazing Lady Gaga and the halftime show...I'm just not much of a sports fan, much less a football fan. But, I do love how this event and the day brings people and families together - and with that comes a food focus for sure!

So, our family was where we've all pretty much been. For Super Bowl Sunday - wings and nachos, pizza and chili and dip and chips and plenty of it, and more - on going, long and late. I remember running to the big box store and not understanding or even having any realization of what the "food" was that we were buying. Now we know we have choices, educated choices and that means that we choose to Dunk the Junk, and go non-GMO, for starters. This blog post is to inspire the small steps which will build lasting and true new habits of health and happiness!

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Drink in the Warmth


We've been a bit in a chill spot lately with our frigid temps and that is reminding me of how we might tend to spend more time indoors seeking warmth.  Of snow days when the kids are home and we do nothing but dole the food out from the kitchen.  So, in the spirit of sharing and making better choices and of feeling empowered, no matter who is home - even if it is just you, a partner or spouse or a houseful.  We have choices.Read More