Drink in the Warmth


We've been a bit in a chill spot lately with our frigid temps and that is reminding me of how we might tend to spend more time indoors seeking warmth.  Of snow days when the kids are home and we do nothing but dole the food out from the kitchen.  So, in the spirit of sharing and making better choices and of feeling empowered, no matter who is home - even if it is just you, a partner or spouse or a houseful.  We have choices.And, there are easier, healthier choices out there to make, that might even already be in your healthy pantry.

So, if you haven't already.  Or, if you think you have...but, keep reaching back to old habits on the shelf with the long ingredient lists, simply read on to discover, rediscover or simply be awakened to some wonderful, easy, alternatives that will not drag your health down, but lift, brighten and raise it up this winter. 


Yup.  Admitting it - I hail from the childhood box of chocolate powder and milk and later on in college the small round cans of conveniently pre-mixed chocolate plus coffee powders - all with a crazy ingredient list that I never, ever read or considered. I remember when it was those lil' envelopes and the big can.  Can you relate?  I didn't ever read the label or think about what that long list of processed ingredients and sugar and stuff was doing to us back then.  I do remember our kids, and myself struggling with strep throat, and round after round of antibiotics and how leaving this all behind, has well, been a significant part of leaving it all behind us.  So, make some changes.  You have the power.  Besides, they'll be ok and healthier - you all will be.

Try these healthier options, from these Integrative Nutrition friends:


NibMor - Convenient envelope packs organic, vegan, no refined sugar, dairy, gluten or GMO. Order online or find on the shelf at your favorite local health food store.

gnosis elixer

Gnosis Chocolate - Cacao Elixers.  Easy packs to use by the spoonful.

Make Your Own:  Reach for your cacao powder, gentle sweetener and anything else that grabs your attention such as cinnamon, cayenne, and peppermint oil, etc.

These easy, in the pantry, ready to go items are within your reach!  Have them on hand and simply add warm or heated water or coconut milk or coconut water, or your go to homemade or in the pantry nut or seed milk.


turmeric ginger honey milk

Creamy Turmeric Tea - Take these ingredients and simply warm stovetop or wiz them up in the Vitamix. Thank you, Mark Sission.


Divine!  Cheers to your health and inner warmth!
©   From Your Inside Out 2016, All rights reserved
 Amie Guyette Hall, CHHC, AADP


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