Boost Your Health with Bone Broth


Cooking with bones?  It seems almost a lost art.  Or rather, a natural go to forgotten.  We used to be a thrifty people with the mindset of using everything...especially, every part of the animal that we had just hunted and taken down for survival, lovingly grown on the farm or caught by hook from our waters.  We used to reap the health benefits from all parts, letting nothing go to waste, and came from a place of connection and thanks.

Segway to our current days of "convenience." To these crazy days of boneless, skinless parts - apologies to my vegan friends and readers - chicken, beef, pig (or should I say "pork") neatly packaged on plastic foam trays and wrapped in plastic.  Hence, removing the picture of the animal from whence it came from.  Removing not just our guilt for eating it, but the numerous health benefits we have lost from this different way of sourcing our animal foods.

I was recently reminded of the simplicity and goodness that bone broth can bring to the body while stopping in at the Adirondack Natural Foods Store.

This blog post is in part inspired by our aging parents times four.  Hubby Bill and I are blessed to still have both of our moms and dads with us and are continually trying to help them add in health supportive whole foods to what they eat.

Let's pass on the processed nuggets, the fast food and boxed and canned soups, etc.

Let's step back to the basics.  Back to bones and broth.  

Remember how grandma or mother, or the neighbor made chicken soup when someone was sick?  There was a real reason why.

Our bodies need the minerals and nutrients that come to us from this food source.  Crucial trace minerals are missing from much of the foods we currently consume. 

Trace minerals include:

  • iron
  • zinc
  • manganese
  • copper
  • fluoride
  • molybdenum iodine
  • chromium
  • selenium
  • Of the trace minerals, iron, copper, zinc and selenium are the most important.

So, let's get the soup pot out, get thee some organic, locally sourced marrow bones, the best water that you can source, a garden fresh or organic carrot, onion and other veggies, some fresh herbs, a piece of sea veggie and put the pot on!

These recipes come from my dear friend and colleague, Carol Kenney, Ph.D, CHHC, AADP.  Ms. Kenney is an Integrative Nutrition grad and mother based in NYC and Martha's Vineyard.

RECIPES and read more here.

Key Points:  Beyond bone broth, think soups and stews, osso bucco, paella and anything where you can use the whole bone in to get the health benefits of these highly important trace minerals.